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Logistics Services

WE SAFEGUARD AND DELIVER YOUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSETS. Our international logistics solutions are secure, completely insured and fully integrated. They are designed to deliver your highest risk and highest value commodities to wherever they need to be in the world.


By combining the services of international couriers wit Mesk Security’s liability coverage, we provide a cost-effective shipping solution enabling the rapid delivery of lower and mid-value goods.


The carriage of cargo is becoming increasingly important in the overall airline operations worldwide and this importance makes it essential that standard procedures in security are applied to cargo handling. We apply these procedures and instructions to ensure that cargo is handled in the most secure environment so as not to endanger the safety of the aircraft. We also establish measures that will ensure that we do not accept consignment of cargo, courier, express parcels or mails for carriage on passenger or cargo flights unless the security of such a consignment is accounted for or such consignments are subject to appropriate security control.


We provide innovative secure transport solutions that safely deliver your valuable cargo while maximising cost efficiencies. We complement an expansive international logistics infrastructure that enables us to get your high value merchandise to and from just about anywhere in the world. Our knowledgeable and professional staff understand the risks and complexities involved in the transport of valuable cargo.


We service commercial banks, precious metals, mines, refiners, central banks, private individuals, governments, pharmaceutical manufacturers and major corporations with valuable cargo shipping requirements. OUR UNRIVALED COMBINATION OF EXPERTISE, STRENGTH AND EXPERIENCE MAKES MESK LOGISTICS SERVICES THE PREFERRED SECURE LOGISTICS PROVIDER.


The increasing emphasis on security in the shipping process, plus the rapid globalisation of the art market, requires a more tailor-made business model for fine art logistics. Mesk understands that art is unique and irreplaceable and therefore needs a specialised logistics service.


Mesk Security’s 3PL Division provides diamond, jewellery and watch companies a comprehensive package of third party logistical solutions. The competitive cost-per-unit structure ensures companies only pay for what they use, saving them time, money and worry.

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