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About Us


We are more than just a security company.

Mesk Security Company operating since 1996 is a fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured Private Security Company and a leader in high quality and effective security. We offer a wide range of Executive Protection ,Intelligence capabilities, Private K9 services, cash management, logistics, safeguarding of valuables, training and security solutions.

Mesk Security Company guarantees all clients a safe haven for all type of asset, our unique and innovative approach to the task at hand is effective, proven, and respected. We deliver the most technologically-advanced integrated cash management, logistics, and loss prevention solutions available through a global array of innovative products and services tailored to meet your specific needs. We are committed to safeguarding your valuables, employees, customers and overall business by delivering integrated solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization or assets. Commitment to effective security and exceptional customer service is our hallmark.

We’re experts at providing insured international logistics solutions for our customer’s most valuable commodities, tailored to their unique requirements and needs. Founded in 1996, our global network offers unrivaled expertise, experience and strength.Our clients include governments, banks, mining companies, refiners, major corporations, jewelers, museums, galleries and auction houses.


Our mission and values will always go the extra mile in dealing with people, whether they are members of the public, customers, our supervisors or employees. We will endeavor to obtain management consensus on important issues, especially those that affect our customers and employees.

With over 60+ years of combined security management experience, our industry leading team has qualifications in all phases of security implementation. We offer a diverse array of services to our clients.


Our vision is to be recognized as the most professional, ethical and highest quality security company in the industry.


We offer several benefits over a traditional bank safe deposit box. However, the largest benefit remains the anonymity we offer. We do not require identification or verification of your identity when you rent a box from us. You can pay with cash or check and you may open the box in any name at all. Access to your box will be controlled by possession of the key and a signature match with the card you complete when renting your box.


When you arrive at Mesk Security Company, you will receive our immediate attention. You will not have to wait 45 minutes in the lobby because we are busy with more important things. Securing your valuables is our business and YOU are our priority.


Reach more than 220 countries and territories with the reliability and special handling that you expect from Mesk Security Company. Not only is there a shipping service to meet your unique needs, but we also offer a wide array of tools and resources to help you navigate the world of international shipping. With a proper tracking in place you’re able to know the details of your delivery on the go.


Gold and other precious metals storage has become a popular topic of conversation given the current economic climate. People are turning to the fine metals as a way to protect their hard-earned money from losing value. We provide the most secure method for gold and silver storage in a private vault.  There are other options available, but none of them protect your assets like a private vault.